Pearl of Africa Tourism expo 2023 Lauched

November 20, 2022

Uganda Tourism Board has unveiled Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo (POATE) 2023 at Sheraton Kampala during World Tourism Day celebration. The Expo, an annual event was officially launched by the State Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Hon. Martin Mugarra Bahinduka in the presence of UTB Board Chairman Hon. Daudi Migereko, UTB Director Vivian Lyazzi and Marketing Manager Claire Mugabi. The sixth POATE will take place from February 8th to 11th, 2023.

The Board Chair Hon. Migereko explained that this edition is expected to draw more than 1,500 local consumers over the course of three days. He said that the event will be held as a hybrid exposition involving Business to Business and Business to Consumer activities into both physical and virtual form. The expo will also serve as a means of marketing destination Uganda with the new destination brand to national, regional and global markets.

The Regional Tourism Boards, International Tour Operators and Associations, Hoteliers, International media, and Airlines are just few of the high-caliber international exhibitors the POATE 2023 will draw. The Expo will reignite tourism in destination Uganda, create over 500 business linkages for Uganda’s travel trade and consolidate Explore Uganda, The Pearl of Africa brand.

Claire Mugabi, the UTB Marketing Manager highlighted that POATE 2023 is anticipated to bring together various tourism stakeholders for the three days, along with other service providers intended to increase Uganda’s profile as a preferred destination for tourists. “Over the years, the event has offered a unique opportunity for the tourism business operators to meet new clients, network and discuss business deals by the world’s tourism and travel trade partners,” she stated.

UTB Receives Competitiveness for Enterprise Development Project (CEDP) Vehicles

During the same event, the Competitiveness for Enterprise Development Project (CEDP in collaboration with the Private sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU) presented to UTB two new tourist vehicles. The vehicle transfer is part of an effort to support component 3 of the Tourism Development Plan, which highlights UTB as an upstream support for growth. The destination branding, marketing, and promotion of the Meeting International Conference and Events sector, valued at US $5.0 are included in the CEDP-AF PAD funding for UTB.

The additional two vehicles bring the total to four, which will simplify transportation at the board. During the handover Mr. Basil Ajer, Director of Tourism at the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, congratulated the Uganda Tourism Board for the achievement, addition to the current fleet of vehicles as these will ease the flow of work and tour activities in the institution.

The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Ms. Doreen Katusiime urged the board to diligently maintain the new vehicles so that they can keep carrying out their intended use.

Later that evening, World Tourism Day celebrations climaxed with an evening glamorous dinner graced with Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayeebwa. The speaker also awarded certificates and plaques to stakeholders that have voluntarily supported the tourism sector.

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