POATE 2024 promises to be best ever tourism expo

November 16, 2023
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Kampala, Uganda | The eighth edition of the Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo (POATE) organised by the Ministry of Tourism and the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) has been launched, with a promise to attract its biggest ever audience.

POATE, scheduled for May 23rd to 25th, 2024, serves as a crucial platform to showcase Uganda’s tourism potential and foster collaboration among local and international stakeholders in the tourism sector. The theme for the upcoming POATE is “Responsible Tourism,” reflecting a commitment to safeguarding Uganda’s rich natural heritage.

Martin Mugarra, the State Minister for Tourism, highlights the inclusive nature of the preparations, with a focus on incorporating insights from the private sector. This approach aims to make POATE a collective responsibility and address concerns raised by stakeholders who felt excluded in the previous edition.

The 7th edition of POATE faced criticism, particularly from private sector players in the tourism services value chain, leading to boycotts and complaints. Minister Mugarra assures that the organizing committee for the 8th edition will comprise representation from every stakeholder, aiming to avoid past mistakes.

The theme “Responsible Tourism” emphasizes the need for the tourism industry to reassess strategies for wildlife habitat preservation—a crucial element for sustaining Uganda’s tourism sector. A notable feature of POATE 2024 is the ban on single-use plastics at the venue, aligning with global environmental efforts.

Minister Mugarra applauds this decision, highlighting the integral connection between tourism and the environment, positioning Uganda as a responsible player in the sustainable tourism landscape.

Lilly Ajarova, the UTB Chief Executive Officer, stresses the importance of early preparation to minimize non-biodegradable plastic usage. Stringent measures will be enforced at the venue to prohibit the entry of single-use plastic items, which will be collected at the gates and sent for recycling, reinforcing the commitment to responsible waste management.

Recognizing the diverse backgrounds of POATE participants, Ajarova emphasizes the need for organized waste management and encourages recycling businesses to engage in sustainable practices.

As POATE 2024 takes shape, it aims not only to showcase Uganda’s tourism potential but also to lead by example in promoting responsible and sustainable tourism practices.https://www.independent.co.ug/poate-2024-promises-to-be-best-ever-tourism-expo/

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